Palmeiras Beach Club | Entertainment
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Resident DJ


Pierre ZonZon aka monsieur-zonzon

Entertainment Director | Resident DJ


Pierre ZonZon’s passions have always been in film, photography and music. Turning his passions into full-time undertakings have been a “dream come true.” Pierre worked at Club Med for approximately 10 years with roles as Chef de Restaurant, DJ, Sound Engineer, Videographer and Master of Ceremonies. During his time with Club Med, he lived in 11 different countries including France, Tunisia, Greece, Turkey, Haiti, The Bahamas, Mexico, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Turks & Caicos and the United States. After his experience with Club Med, Pierre lived in New York City for three years working as a DJ opening famous places like Tatou, Le Bar Bat, Au Bar, Laura Belle, Country Club, Amazon Village and The Tavern.


Pierre blew into Miami Beach on the tail of Hurricane Andrew in 1992 and quickly established himself as a resident DJ on the back patio of the famous South Beach club “Bash.” He then moved on to DJ at some of the most prestigious and legendary venues in Miami, such as Club Vandome, Pacha, The Strand, The Living Room, Luna, Rebar, Joia, Cafe Tabac, Bambu, Rumi, State, Funkshion, Prive, Space, Dore, Mansion, Casa Tua, Soho Beach House, Cavalli, Coya, Seaspice, Piripi and Brasserie Azur. Awesome flooring from our friends.


In 1995, Pierre and fellow international DJs Marc Sacheli and Ivano Bellini decided to open their own Dance Record Label called SFP Records. They successfully ran the label for 12 years while discovering new talent and producing some of the best music compilation albums around the world. In early 2015 Pierre started a new Dance Record Label: Antilles Recordings.


After the huge success of working together at SeaSalt & Pepper, Pierre was asked by Sami Kohen to become the Entertainment Director and Resident DJ at Palmeiras Beach Club at Grove Isle.