Palmeiras Beach Club | Personal Safety Tips When Staying At A Hotel
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Personal Safety Tips When Staying At A Hotel

Hotel and Resort SecurotyIf you need to book a stay at a hotel in Miami in the near future, we warmly recommend you to take a look at our website and see why the Palmeiras Beach Club Hotel can make for the ideal choice. Pick one of the luxury bayfront rooms and you will get into a state of peace and tranquility that is hard to describe in words. You have to be there to truly experience it in flesh and blood. You will be able to admire Miami's edged shoreline and the mesmerizing water views. If you wish to learn more about our hotel, as well as a few tips on how to stay safe no matter what hotel on the face of the Earth you might book at some point, read on.

Why Choose Us?

If you wish to see the golden warmth of South Florida reflecting through your suite during your vacation or business trip, book with us. Our suites are decorated with original artwork; if you would like to get a sense of a bygone era, we are the solution.

Our canopied beds are most comfortable, and walking on our terracotta tile is most enjoyable thanks to its crisp and cheerful echoing. Our hardwood furnishings will add a sense of warmth to the room, while our modern-day amenities will complete your comfort here.

How To Stay Safe At Any Hotel?

  • Use Google Maps and inspect the area around the hotel, prior to booking a room.

  • Find out what are the crime rates in the area and see what the locals have to say about it. Other tourists that have booked a room there might have also left revealing reviews that should help you make your decision. They might have felt safe or under threat to walk around after dark. They might have been subject to acts of crime or terrorism in the respective city.

  • Get in touch with front desk and see if they are available 24 hours a day.

  • Ask critical questions concerning access to guest floors – is it restricted by key cards? Is there a manned gate or a checkpoint scanner to screen people?

  • What type of locks do guest rooms have on the doors? You may need to pack a portable door lock or a doorstopper for more peace of mind and enhanced safety. If you have a reliable rekey service locksmith you use whenever needed, see if they can also advise you on the best types of portable locks for hotel room doors.

  • You may also want to leave your home properly protected before checking in at a hotel.

  • Ask for a room at a higher floor; maintain the doors locked at all times, including the deadbolts, any security chains or swinging metal security bars. For extra safety, use doorstoppers or portable door locks.

  • Use the safe inside your room for your most valuable items, but try not to travel with excessively expensive belongings to draw attention on yourself.

  • Get travel insurance and use the “do not disturb” sign on your door when leaving. Leave the TV or radio on as well.

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