Palmeiras Beach Club | Top 5 Secrets For Staying Safe In Any Hotel
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Top 5 Secrets For Staying Safe In Any Hotel

The degree of safety and comfort you are going to experience during your upcoming hotel accommodation will depend on the venue you will choose. It all starts with smart hotel selection, and a few decent prevention measures. If you have recently fallen victim to an act of hotel burglary, or you need to travel in a region or country that is known for not being the safest out there, here is what you need to know.

#1: Make Copies Of Important Documents

Get your scanner and printer ready or find a copy machine and get copies for your passports, airplane tickets, hotel reservations, credit cards, medical documents, insurance policies, and anything else that you will be carrying along. Remember to do both sides.

Next, get your camera or smartphone ready and take photos of your jewelry, watches, designer clothes, luggage and any other pricey items you will be packing along. If possible, laminate the copies and place them in the bag you will be carrying on you at all times. In case something will happen with your luggage and certain items will get stolen, you should increase your odds of getting them back with the help of the police. While this is not a hotel safety measure on its own, it has proven its efficiency lots of times.

#2: Choose A Safe Hotel

Do some research and find out if there is any modern-day security equipment that has been recently fitted into the building. Are there fire extinguishers and smoke/fire alarms installed in all guests rooms and the lobby? Will you only have to rely on the local fire department in the event of a fire? Is the building under the careful surveillance of a professional security company via top-notch monitoring technology? Does the front desk personnel have panic buttons they can activate in the case on a robbery underway? What about security guards available 24 hours a day?

If guest rooms have electronic locks on them, you will receive a new lock combination upon your arrival. This will replace the old and risky metal key swap approach with a lot safer one. Electronic locks and access codes or cards will eliminate the possibility of previous guests getting access to your room because they have failed to return their keys at checkout. Also, you will get rid of the problem of having the hotel staff enter your room without your knowledge. Losing or misplacing this electronic key will usually require the immediate re-keying of the lock. Services like can send over mobile emergency teams that can re-key and fix/unlock any type of commercial lock.

#3: Book A Room With A Peephole

You may find this tip unnecessary or insignificant. However, a room with a peephole on the entry door will allow you to filter the persons you would like to grant access into your room to. In the event someone is threatening you on the other side of the door, you should be able to use the hotel's telephone to call security or the front desk/the police.

Ask if the phones that guests can use in the lobby enable direct phone calls to other guests' rooms. If this is possible, you may want to reconsider the hotel. Make sure you also have locks on the adjoining doors.

#4: Choose A Hotel With Secure Parking

Ask about the structure of the parking lot, the surrounding grounds and the presence of monitoring cameras and sensor lights. Are there any security guards there on a 24-hour basis? Have there been any break-in incidents lately? All of these questions should be mention on the hotel's presentation website. If you cannot find any or all of them, feel free to call their customer support or the front desk and have everything clarified. Find out if the parking garage has any elevators that will take people to the guest rooms or straight into the lobby. You will want the latter.

Parking your car in a well-secured parking lot is only half the job. You will also need to prepare your greasy elbow and have your car locks (trunk included) inspected by a professional locksmith for cars. Re-key your locks or re-program the transponder system/key fob if needed, and consider fitting a steering wheel lock. Check if your car alarm is working in pristine condition prior to your trip and have everything else checked by your regular mechanic. If possible, you should benefit from an escorting service from the car to your room.

#5: Don't Say Your Room Number Out Loud

Ask the front desk staff not to tell your name and room number out loud. Have them write it down on a small piece of paper you can fold and place into your pocket instead. Ask for a different room if the damage has already been done.

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