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Cosy Holidays This Summer

Looking for a cosy holiday in 2019? Well, there are many options to pick from. Do you live in Europe? You haven't been everywhere? Well, then there are quite a few options you can choose from. Tickets are quite cheap in the European Union, courtesy of Wizz Air and Ryanair, the two low-cost lines to operate within the continent.

There are others too and you will be quite excited to really get things out rolling. All you need to do is pick the best option for yourself and we think we can really help you with this! It definitely doesn't take a long time to plan a trip around Europe. You can choose between many destinations, all available at around $40 or much, much less.

So far as accommodation is concerned, you can really kill it by opting for Airbnb,, or let's face it – even hotels!

Choosing a Destination That You Will Love

There are plenty of sights worth seeing in Europe! We definitely recommend a trip to places like Scotland or Scandinavian countries. We are quite fond of all these destinations. Now, you would argue that there is something nice about the South – it's true, too.

Portugal and Spain are warm and nice, but in our personal view, up North is often nicer in summer. The weather isn't as hot nor do you have to sweat or to watch out for pick pockets. Places like Barcelona are simply overcrowded in summer and the majority of the locals are already getting fed up with the people keep coming.

On the flip side, you can do a lot of things up North. Of course, you will need to take into consideration the simple fact that things up there cost quite a bit more. But still, a smart tourist will know how to manage their finances and you will have absolutely no problem doing well even on a budget.

Making Sure You Have a Place to Stay

Now, here's the next big thing that you need to discuss – where do you want to stay after all? Some people prefer to stick with hotels and that's quite okay. Hotels are actually neat. Many hotels include a copious breakfast in the morning which is always welcome. You can enjoy yourself quite the tasty meal in the morning and not have to worry about much.

Hotels make things seem more casual and somewhat quicker. We definitely recommend that you dive into the choice of hotels up North or even down South. There are quite a few excellent options that will beat any Airbnb that you may find.

Well, almost. Airbnb has its charm for sure. Let's face it – an Airbnb offers you quite the comfortable experience and you will not have to suffer the privations of an actual kitchen where you can make your own dinner. It's always a bit tricky to choose between the two, but at least the prices almost always match, so you can find some great bargain whether you are booking an Airbnb or hotel.

Just as you would choose a health product, so choosing a place to stay on your holiday is important. Imagine you were considering to buy Viagra online. You wouldn't just go to any website, but you'd rather do extensive research that would help you pinpoint the best options for you!

What to Expect from Your Trip?

There is a lot that can happen on your trip, of course, but you always need to be prepared. Perhaps it's not the most glamorous thing to mention right now, but you do have to keep in mind that there are lots of pickpockets out there and you will really need to watch out. Avoid putting your documents and wallets in your backpack's front pockets. Sometimes some thieves can even cut a whole in your backpack and make sure that they get away with any item that may have been lingering on the bottom.

How do we know? Well, we call it experience. These are the contingencies of course, but they are not necessarily true so you needn't worry about anything quite so drastic. Your trip can be quite fun and to be honest, out of the dozen or so times we've been on a short weekend getaway to another country in the past 12 months, we have seldom had any trouble.

This is what proper planning gets you. We highly recommend that you travel. It's cheap, it's easy and it's loads of fun. Do enjoy yourself a whole lot when you travel!



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