Palmeiras Beach Club | Hotel Safety Tips For Smart Travelers
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Hotel Safety Tips For Smart Travelers

We all tend to become more vulnerable when traveling to foreign countries; whether we travel for leisure or business purposes, our mind is usually filled with Portable locks for extra safetythousands of thoughts. So the last thing you want to concern yourself with while on vacation is your security at the hotel. However, coming back to your hotel room after a full day of exploring urban landscapes or sampling local foods and drinks only to discover the place has been completely ransacked is definitely prone to ruin your mood. So you definitely need to take some action and be proactive about it.

Hotel room break-ins, muggings, car hijacking, or personal identity theft issues are all common occurrences while traveling. But natural disasters or terrorist attacks also count on the same hotel guests could be subject to. It is therefore in your best interest to take the best precaution measures possible and keep yourself and your loved ones safe from these risks. Here are a few handy tips that should increase your safety no matter what hotel you might choose next time you will be traveling.

What To Do Prior & After To Your Stay At The Hotel

  • Do your research. Find out if there are any security concerns you should know about in the city or country you have picked as your destination. Tourists are often times targeted in local crimes, and some areas are more dangerous than others. Make written lists and know exactly which neighborhoods or cities to stay away from.

  • Inquire about the hotel you will be booking and ask questions that will help you understand the type of security you will be dealing with once you will arrive there. Find out if the guest rooms have deadbolt locks or electronic locks on them. This should give you an idea on the type of key management system and hotel security level the hotel relies on. Hotels can also have surveillance cameras in elevators and on the hallways, as well as guarded and well-lit parking lots and security guards at the main entryways/on each floor.

  • If you are not fully satisfied with the type of security they have in store for guests, look for a different hotel or pack a few additional security items such as portable locks for your hotel room door, or doorstoppers. Talk to a nearby commercial locksmith service and see what kind of portable locks fitted for hotel rooms they advise you to buy. These locks are light-weighted and they can be easily installed on any hotel room door, including bathroom and balcony doors that open inwards, without any previous experience.

  • If it is not safe to walk around after dark, make sure that you never go out alone at night. Buy and carry a personal screaming alarm on you on all times and use whenever you feel under threat and are unable to ask for help on your own. Carrying such an alarm on you should give you more peace of mind, allowing you to enjoy your vacation more.

  • Avoid hotel rooms located at the ground floor, as they are more vulnerable to burglars.

  • Ask the front desk receptionist about the phone number you can dial in dealing with any type of emergency, preferably a security line.

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