Palmeiras Beach Club | How To Safely Park A Car At Any Hotel
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How To Safely Park A Car At Any Hotel

So you've decided to select our location as your next choice in terms of vacation accommodation. Kudos! We can guarantee that you will be having a wonderful time here with us. And you will definitely plan on coming back for more. In the meanwhile, we would like to provide you with a few useful tips on how to make sure you will be leaving your car parked in completed safety with us – and no matter where else you may plan on going for the summer.

If you've never spent any time actually thinking about the safest ways of parking a car, we warmly invite you to keep reading these next few lines.

How To Keep Your Car Safe From Thieves

  • When was the last time you park your car somewhere other than your home garage or the parking lot at your workplace? Did you take any additional safety measures? Has anything actually happened to your car while parked someplace new?

  • While you may not be ready to go your dealership or mechanic every time you need to travel someplace and have a full inspection done on your car, it is useful to schedule periodical maintenance work. It won;t cost you an arm and a leg, and it should normally be done in no time. Make sure you keep close ties with your regular mechanic or a car shop in ton, and, preferably, with an expert automotive service.

  • Car locksmiths are your number one go-to security experts for your vehicle. They can help you not only install or fix new locks or ignition switches, get copy keys or have your transponder system fixed, but they can also recommend the best type of automatic locks to install, or the latest safety gadgets and alarms to consider. They can put you up to date with the latest releases in the car security industry. And they can definitely help you make sure your car will remain safe and sound no matter where you may need to make it parked.

  • So before getting ready to pack your bags for your upcoming vacation, it will definitely help having it checked by an expert car locksmith. Take a look at this link here and make sure that you get acquainted with the type of services you could be contracting.

  • Sturdy, well-functioning locks on the doors and zero faulty alarms or locks on the brake will help you successfully deter potential car thieves.

  • Whenever possible, park your vehicle facing a wall in a public parking lot. See that you do everything in your powet to actually minimize the risk of having someone break into your vehicle while parked. If they will need to reverse the car, this should normally slow them down, and this will increase the risk of them being seen.

  • It is also advisable to turn the wheels into the curb so thieves can have a difficult time taking off in your car.

  • Never leave any wallets or laptop bags and purses laying on the front or back seats. You will be only alluring potential thieves in.

  • Only park in well-lit and secured parking areas, preferably monitored by surveillance cameras.


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