Palmeiras Beach Club | How To Secure Your Luggage On A Vacation
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How To Secure Your Luggage On A Vacation

Can you remember the last time you traveled somewhere and had all your bags and luggage reach your destination in complete safety? A recent report run by a company offering IT support to airline companies showed that close to 22 million bags were mishandled during a single year. And by “mishandled”, you can read “lost”, as this is the unfortunate things that happens with so many travelers' bags. These figures, however, do not include the cases of luggage theft and damage. If you are currently preparing for your next big trip somewhere, or you are eager to finally go on that much-anticipated vacation, here are a few clever steps to follow to ensure you will be coming home with the same number of bags and everything in them whole and unharmed.

Shop For A Good Travel Bagasap locksmith

Unless you have a sturdy bag made of quality materials and preferably a lock or a padlock on it, chances are any other types of prevention measures you will take will be rendered useless. Go online or visit a specialized shop selling travel bags and find the best soft-shell cases you can find/afford. You may need to dig a little deeper into your pocket for a quality product, but it will be well-worth it. Hard-shelled bags are more likely to break or get damaged while being roughly handled by TSA personnel. A nylon bag, on the other hand, will better handle this type of impact.

Use colored ribbons or other distinctive signs to customize your bags and make them easily recognizable. Using designer luggage and high-end bags will most likely draw the attention of potential thieves lurking around airports, as well as TSA personnel with sticky fingers. The simpler, the better.

Use Protectors For Your Luggage

You could choose to invest in a reusable protector for bags and use it every time you need to travel. These protectors are made of sturdy PVC and they can fit over different sizes of cases. They are protected by Velcro, and they enable the movement of the wheels and immediate access to the handles on your trolley bags.

You can always opt for the plastic wrapping alternative provide by airports, to ensure your bags will not end up covered in scratches. Just remember TSA has a legal right to cut through any wrapping if an agent needs to inspect the contents.

Use TSA-Approved Locks

Locks that are approved by the TSA Approved Lock is a lock that has the Travel Sentry logo displayed on it. The locks have a special design that enables them to be opened by security personnel on airports, as well as other similar agencies.

Buying bags with TSA-approved locks on them will seemingly ease your transition through an airport. The check-in and luggage inspections are better streamlines when the security personnel does not have to force open any regular locks that do not wear the Sentry logo.

You can go online and use filters when buying your bags, or you can get in touch with a reliable ASAP Locksmith and pick their brain on the latest models of locks for bags. They can also recommend some portable locks for hotel rooms, as well as personal alarms you can carry on you for an enhanced degree of personal safety and car alarms or steering wheel locks for more protection on your car while you are away.

An expert locksmith can help fit combination locks and padlocks, as well as cable locks and other similar devices that offer more security to traveling people. The guys at 24/7 ASAP Locksmith handle the entire array of residential, commercial, and automotive services. They do it at good rates and fast intervention speeds. They have an estimated time of arrival of around 20 to 30 minutes from placing an emergency call to their customer support. They have modern day tools and the knowledge needed to fix broken locks on bags and help you regain access to your packed items in case your luggage gets damaged while flying. They can also help you leave your home locked up like a fortress by installing commercial grade-1 deadbolt locks and sensor alarm locks on your windows. The last thing you would like to discover when coming home from a relaxing vacation would be that your home has been broken into. Take the necessary precautionary measures prior to leaving and consider installing a remote surveillance system. This way, you will get to check on things no matter what time of the day or night, and alert the authorities the second you notice someone might be trying to break in.

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